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Maintaining Control of Your Building Budget

Nov 19, 2019

It’s often taken for granted that when you buy something, you know exactly what’s included in the price. If you were to purchase a new car, book a holiday or pay for the weekly groceries, you feel confident in knowing the price is set, and everything is upfront. So why should the building industry be any different?

Building or renovating your home is usually the biggest investment you will make. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that accurate costs are outlined from the beginning, yet this is rarely the case.

Did Someone Say Budget?

When building a new home, or renovating an existing property, there are many areas where the integrity of the budget can be compromised. From the initial phase of designing the home or planning the renovation, many thousands of dollars can be spent creating a design for the perfect dwelling. However, there is no guarantee that the build will be achieved within the available budget. Costly changes to the design often arise due to unrealistic expectations, leaving the customer to deal with substantial budget blowouts during the construction phase.

The Design Phase Should Be a Mix of Creativity, Certainty & Security

With many years of experience in the building and design industry, the creators of ‘C2CPRO’ are experts in recognising the issues that arise during the design, planning, and construction phases of new building projects. The three key areas that we have identified are:

  1. Customers starting on the road to completion without clarity of the final costs
  2. Customers having to work with many sectors separately, including designers, architects, builders, suppliers and tradespeople
  3. Little to no transparency of information and cost

The Clearer, Smoother Road from Project Concept to Completion

Following extensive research and testing, our newly designed program is revolutionising the building process. From conception to completion, independent sectors can now work together, sharing transparent information to improve their service to you. But it's not just our independent networks that use the software and systems, or their satisfied clients who stand behind our product.

C2CPRO has been backed by State and Federal Government as a risk management strategy for home builders, with a one-million-dollar Federal Government grant awarded in 2016. This grant assisted our team in creating a system to mitigate the financial risks found within the building industry, an industry that has three times the failure rate of any other business sector, with a staggering three billion dollars lost per year.

Don't let your biggest investment become a statistic; take control of your project from the beginning with a clear map of the road ahead.

"And it all starts with C2CPRO"


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