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How Can I See Where All My Money Goes When Building or Renovating a House?

Nov 19, 2019

The truth is, you can't see exactly where your money goes under the current Australian building or renovating.

"It's not a case of bad builders, but good builders working under a flawed and outdated business model."

With the industry currently operating under a flawed and outdated payment method, plus the day to day cost of running a business (including paying employees, bank overdrafts, and supply accounts) adds risk and costs to the contract price. The only party benefiting from this model are the banks.

So who are the Real Losers?

  • Everyone! Including the customer, who are exposed to the risks associated with a project contract price that is made up of estimates and allowances.
  • Trades and services have no control over when they will be paid.
  • Under the current model, customers are paying extra in hidden costs, in support of a flawed payment method.
  • The current model requires the customer to pay builders claims, without any transparency of what the payments are actually for or where their money is going.
  • If trades and suppliers are not paid on time, there is nothing to stop them from taking their services elsewhere, placing the entire building project at risk.

In complete contrast to the current, outdated payment method – C2CPRO software, systems and new payment model delivers:

✔️ Service – Knowing if their wish list can be delivered from the very beginning

✔️ Savings – Wholesale prices, no hidden fees, no middleman 

✔️ Security – Joint security account, your money stays on your job

✔️Complete Transparency for All

By using the C2CPRO software programs, all communications between the customer, builder, designers, trades and suppliers are transparent, creating a greater level of trust for the customer.

Security of Payment

C2CPRO provides a compliant contract payment method, ensuring the right people are paid the right amount, at the right time, eliminating uncertainty.

Because of this new payment method, a C2CPRO powered project will be prioritised by trades and services who know they will be paid promptly and securely through the contract payment method. The customer will also benefit from competitive pricing, as trades and services want to work within the C2CPRO model.

Benefits of Buying at Cost Price

One of the most popular modules in the C2CPRO program is the Shopping List Program.
By using the Shopping List Program the customer get the benefit by buying fixtures and fittings at cost price.
Suppliers sell direct to the customer, eliminating the need for builder’s overheads. Why pay for additional fees and margins when you can buy wholesale through the C2CPRO program? 

When supported by C2CPRO and the new security of payment model, you and all those involved in building your project can link together to achieve the desired outcome – a successful build.

And it all starts with C2CPRO.

Watch our short video for more information on how C2CPRO (formerly Your Building Planner) is taking the building industry by storm. 


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