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Improve your building business

Make more money with security of payment


Less Stress.

More Profit.

Say hello to regular, reliable cash flow. Get paid as often as fortnightly, and lock in profit at the start of every project. It's no longer your job to juggle complex bookkeeping and financial reporting, so say goodbye to late-night headaches. And because C2CPRO allows you to reduce your asset and cash needs by a minimum of 50%, you can stop putting your house on the line.

Boost your finances



At contract signing, your profit margin becomes a guaranteed fee – separate from other project costs. All funds are then secured into a joint bank account, and from that account, project funds get paid directly to you and your team – as regularly as fortnightly.



Admin for trades – such as BAS, Workcover, super, and financial reporting – disappears. This is because your business model is now like a consultancy, similar to a structural engineer. With security of payment for every job, your profits can increase. And you can spend less time on admin and more time on site, making money.



You no longer pay trades and suppliers because payments are handled by the joint account, managed between you and the project owner. This reduces financial reporting burdens, and if you’re subject to Project Trust Accounts, you have an alternative.

And gain a fierce competitive edge



You reduce your cash and asset needs by a minimum of 50%. This means you might not need your home on the line, and no longer have to carry the burden of trade and supplier accounts. Freeing your assets means less stress and the ability to take on more builds.



During the 1990’s recession, when interest rates were at a staggering 19%, two builders developed a new business model that offered competitive pricing and lower building costs in all kinds of market conditions. Those builders turned that fairer, safer model into C2CPRO.



Builders typically win only around 15% of jobs they quote. With C2CPRO’s business model, you can win around 70% of fully quoted jobs, providing the project owner with transparency, savings, and security, from concept to completion.

No more cashflow worries.

No more drowning in overdue bills.

No more sleepless nights.


Is C2CPRO software or a system?

Essentially both! C2CPRO works under a Construction Management methodology tailored to domestic housing construction. Security of Payment is at the core of every phase of the project. The unique software supports this new methodology to drive and streamline your business.

If it works so well, why isn't every builder doing it this way?

C2CPRO has been testing and developing the software and system for many years with the help of State and Federal Government Grants. Now at market and experiencing rapid adoption due to the industry's record pressures in the need for innovative solutions.

I make my money by hiding my margins? How can I make a profit with full transparency?

By showing your management fee, which can be paid as quickly as weekly or fortnightly, you now have a guaranteed cash flow and know exactly how much money you will make instead of hoping there will be money left in the tin. Project Owners are happy to pay C2CPRO Powered Builders what you are worth due to the transparency, savings and security you deliver. Current C2CPRO Powered Builders are averaging 20%-25% in management fees on every project.

Do your contracts meet regulation requirements?

Yes. Leading construction law firms have developed our  Domestic Construction Management Contracts to meet all regulations and requirements. 

How much does it cost?

Adopting C2CPRO costs you nothing until you sign your first contract under Security of Payment. On contract signing, your client pays a fee for the benefits of having Transparency, Savings and Security delivered to their project. After your first project under the system starts, you pay a small membership and software subscription fee of $249 +GST

I already have software; do I have to switch to yours?

You don't have to give up your current software. Some builder's using our system keep their current software and transition over in their own time. 

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