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With our extensive experience in building, we know first hand why it needed to change.

We created C2CPRO to be that change.



Why does building have to be so stressful?

This was the question at the forefront of minds when we started working on a digital solution to the industry’s biggest problems. If a builder is doing it tough, how can a customer expect good service?

It all started with our family-run design and build business in 1974. As each decade passed, we witnessed renovators blowing out budgets, builders going broke and building projects stretching on well beyond deadline – or even failing completely. Customers were unhappy, and the entire industry developed a bad reputation.

But worst of all, builders and their families were (and still are) expected to put personal assets on the line to fund projects, forcing them to deal with record levels of stress.

We knew a big change was needed.



We got to work transforming the industry.

Our first step was to create a Construction Management Contract to relieve builders of the obligation to personally finance projects, and free them up from debt management to instead concentrate on organising, supervising, and building.

10 years ago, our contract was approved by the QBCC, known then as BSA (Building Services Authority. Mitchel Brandtman of national company Quantity Surveyors supported and encouraged our creation, and we received Federal and State government grants.



Our solution began to develop momentum.

Our efforts were fortified by a Federal Government Senate inquiry into insolvency of the construction Industry, which established that builders controlling all the contract money is the prime cause of stress, high failure rates, and – tragically – high suicide rates.

This gave us further momentum to get our game-changing platform to market.

In the years since, we’ve had the guidance of an experienced advisory board, including Impact Innovation Group, and tested our product on over $200 million dollar’s worth of projects. The contract has undergone extensive development with two independent law firms, and it’s now rock solid.



The change is finally here.

C2CPRO is a better way forward for builders, homeowners, designers, trades and suppliers.

We offer a subscription-based program that is split into two parts, which allows builders a gradual transition from doing business the way they're used to – the old way – to the new, so as not to overwhelm them as they improve their business model.

Along with the Construction Management Contract, the many features offered within C2CPROject Flow offer all stakeholders radically improved transparency, savings and security. Our one digital platform and 7 easy steps allows all parties on a building project to collaborate in one place, greatly improving design efficiency, project outcomes, customer satisfaction and builder stress. There is no doubt about it: C2CPRO is a big win for the industry.

Meet the team



Peter Woods

Peter has over 40 years of experience in the Australian Building Industry. After starting his Canberra-based family design & construction business in 1974, he moved onto large building project consultancy and project management.

It was through this extensive experience that Peter realised the industry needed to change. His unrelenting passion for transforming the industry into a more fair, sustainable and efficient model has kept him motivated through the years to turn C2CPRO into what it is today.



Paul Woods

Paul grew up working under his dad Peter in a typical family-run building business. After starting a partnership with his brother Ross, working as a carpenter and supervisor, Paul quickly saw how dysfunctional the industry is.

It was then that he decided to join the C2CPRO team. He understands small business operations and is able to provide dedicated support to builders and their customers, ensuring that our platform fits the unique operations of each business and successfully address the needs of both builder and homeowner.



Ross Woods
Network Development

Working initially as an open license site supervisor and carpenter sub-contractor, Ross gained a thorough understanding of what the stresses are for trades and suppliers. Despite being key participants in bringing any project to successful completion – undertaking 80% of the project value – trades and suppliers often the last to be paid.

Ross oversees the trades and suppliers portion of the software, ensuring that this sector of the industry – whom we call the 80%ers – benefit from the new, fairer model that C2CPRO has created, and the collaboration that our platform provides for building teams.



Kate Woods
General Manager

With a Bachelor of Science (Architecture), Kate brings skills from many years of practising as a building designer and in understanding what homeowners seek from their project.

Kate has also attained a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and with the experience of lecturing design students, is committed to informing homeowners on how they can achieve better outcomes for their project.

She further undertakes the role of frontline connection to homeowners, ensuring we keep listening to what homeowners feel their stress points are, what they want from a project, and how we can keep building on great outcomes for all.

Kate ensures – from her position of General Manager – that all the parties in software development and marketing meet the ultimate benefits for homeowners: something she is very dedicated to achieving.



Sarah Woods
Marketing Manager 

Sarah heads up a team of marketing professionals, driving our messaging to market, and ensuring our communications land with both homeowners and the builders wanting to have a C2C change.

Sarah's left-of-centre creativity and eye for detail help communicate what we do. She has a superpower of making complex topics fun, informative, and often laugh-out-loud entertaining with her bespoke cartoons.  

Formerly an Interior Designer, Sarah's qualifications are a perfect match for the team. She has also developed educational programs for homeowners seeking a new home or renovation. All of this past experience means Sarah understands how C2CPRO has the ability to transform projects for building teams.



Michael Josefski
Program Developer and Manager

Michael is highly regarded in the IT sector and has been developing our software from the very onset, alongside a skilled team working away in the background.

Like the rest of our team, Michael can see a building industry in distress, and is passionate about changing it.

He believes this so wholeheartedly that he has invested in the company, making his efforts with us in software development additionally powerful, as he stands behind the product professionally, personally and financially.



Matthew Budge

Matthew has over a decade of experience as a residential sub-contractor carpenter, and he brings this experience to our team as a mentor, helping new C2CPRO users get their business running smoothly within our platform.

He has extensive knowledge of building processes, which he gained by working working under several builders. His background in the industry has also given Matthew a wealth of insight into the pain points that individuals face in trying to run a business under the old model, and he is passionate about working alongside builders to help them create a better way forward.

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