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All The Tools to Complete your New Build or Reno on Budget and on Time

Take out the guess work and hidden costs right from the outset. Find out how much house you can afford on your budget. Play around with design and fixture levels to achieve your dream home on your budget. Ask for a demo to find out how.



The SERVICE of a free Concept Discovery Program to test your wish list to avoid wasting time and money on a design that doesn’t match your budget. Did you know that around 80% of designs don’t get built?

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The SAVINGS of the transparency of all parties and their costs (including trades), enabling you to shop direct to any supplier for your own fixtures and fittings without the typical 20% builder’s supply margin

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The SECURITY of paying directly to all trades, suppliers and the builder the exact amount owing, avoiding a common issue that your money could, potentially, be going to pay a bill on another project

Full support 

Not only will you receive amazing service from all the network, due to detailed software reports, transparency in your project and full control of your money, you also have the added benefit of having support from our C2C PRO Team who have extensive experience in all areas of building and renovating.


Here's a quick overview of what happens when
you choose a builder using C2C PRO

You can also take a look at the 7 Steps Quick Guide for more info to begin your journey from Concept to Completion

Step 1. Concept Discovery

The key advantages of discovering your true budget from the start:

  • It's here where a builder acting as a Construction Manager, obligation and cost-free, is matched to your project profile.
  • It's where full transparency and truth of what you can really get for your investment starts.
  • The Discovery process is more than just getting an accurate Budget Report it's about discovering what the Construction Manager can deliver to your project outcome.
  • So when it comes to the final choice of who is to build, it will be based on a whole host of benefits and not just a decision based on cost alone.


Step 2. Design Development

Key advantages of using the Concept Discovery Program during design phase:

  • The design development is the fun stage but it's pointless if your final design blows out the budget.
  • Avoid the common disappointment of the past, now with the Construction Manager monitoring any cost variations from the original budget, keeping you on track.
  • Having the construction manager and associated trades and supplies collaborated into the design development, which doesn't usually happen, ensures the very best design efficiencies and cost savings are brought into your project. And remember this is an obligation free service from the construction manager, and why?...
  • ...Because with the old way, where the builder was not seen until after the design was finished, it didn't enable the builder to understand your real needs. So with the C2C PRO you will already have formed a great relationship for the construction period, should you proceed to contract.

Step 3. Shopping List Program

The key advantages of the Shopping List Program:

  • You can shop direct and receive savings of at least 20% on items such as kitchens, appliances, tiles and plumbing accessories.
  • Choose ANY supplier you wish, without paying builder’s supply margins.
  • Your choices are guided by the built-in budget calculator, so you stay within your budget allowance.
  • You have the option to engage an interior designer to help you with your selections while using the program.
  • Allows budget control with the best value products.

Step 4. Tender / Contract

The key tasks to accomplish during tender/ contract phase are:

  • The Construction Manager migrates the latest Trial Budget into a detailed Preliminary Quotation
  • As the preliminary quotation is highly accurate and you've built a good relationship with the construction manager, it is here you can choose to have the construction manager offer a formal tender. (refer to FAQs for further information)

  • Your Construction Manager then creates ‘Scope of Works’ documents for each trade and supplier, to compile the ‘Tender Documentation’.
  • Your final choices from the Shopping List Program come together with the formal quotations from trades and suppliers.
  • Construction Manager then presents you with a fully transparent final contract price.
  • You now have the option to formally enter into a construction contract.

Step 5. Joint Security Account

The benefits of setting up a joint security account:

  • Both you and your Construction Manager set up the account.
  • The joint security account is fully compliant with all government regulations and is simply an annexure to standard HIA or Master Builders contracts.
  • You both have to sign off on all payments, so you can see who gets paid what amount.
  • Enables the right payment, to the right person at the right time.
  • Gives maximum protection of your investment, ensures your money stays on YOUR project.
  • If one party becomes insolvent for some reason, your project’s network remains intact - a replacement can be found, even if it’s the Construction Manager.

Step 6. Construction Management

Now you’ve pushed the big green button, you will start seeing ‘real’ things happening around your project site. You and your Construction Manager (the man formerly known as Builder) will be interacting within the software, almost daily from now till your Project’s completion.

Step 7. Completion

This is the last step where you can finally enjoy what you and your team have created, maybe with a bottle or two of Moet on your stunning new outdoor entertaining area.


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