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About us 

This unique software and business model is years in the making and arose from seeing many renovators and new homeowners blowing their budgets, having builders go broke and building projects stretching on for months. Now partnered with industry specialists and supported by Local and Federal Government Grants, we are set to delivery this game changing system into the hands of homeowners, builders and designers.

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Why We Created C2C PRO Software

The “why” in why we have brought C2C PRO Software to market, is to improve firstly how the industry can operate and its reputation, and as a result, remove the hit and miss outcomes for customers.

A secondary “why” is that customers need to know what the building industry conditions their investment is going into. Is there any difference with customers investing in the stock exchange, needing to understand the risks and likely return on investment, to needing to know how their investment will perform in a building project? No.

So let’s take a snapshot of the current building industry conditions.

  • The building industry has the reputation of being the toughest there is, starting with a failure rate three times that of any other industry.
  • It is the most over-regulated with regulators such as QBCC on Queensland imposing stringent reporting requirements, all about what happens when it goes wrong rather than “why” it goes wrong.

Our Vision

The initial vision was to design software and new systems that would give the customer greater certainty of the cost involved with a build or renovation, from concept to completion.

Your Building Planner software programs are tested and refined on real-life projects, with designers, builders and tradespeople all working together within the program.

It soon became apparent that not only was the client happy with the outcome of the build, but all parties involved achieved a win.

C2C PRO ensures that everyone benefits from knowing who is involved in the project, the associated costs, and the milestones that need to achieve. This uniformed approach results in remarkable outcomes for all involved parties networked within the software.

“I like the fact that I can see where all my money goes through the use of a joint security account” – C2C PRO customer.

This groundbreaking software fills a void as there have been no advancements in technology in the home building industry until now. And not a moment too soon as this industry has many people under extreme levels of pressure.

Now more than ever, the odds are stacked against you to navigate your way toward a successful build. C2C PRO helps you to develop a reliable team, working openly and transparently towards a shared goal.

Where Does the Current Building Model Fail? 👎

  • The project contract price is obtained from an estimate, meaning all involved parties are at risk of project failure.
  • Trades and Suppliers are not paid promptly, making them unreliable as they go to jobs where the money is.
  • The hidden costs and risks needed to support the current payment funnel means the customer is paying extra for no additional benefit.
  • Due to the lack of transparency, the customer is making payments without knowing what they are paying for.
  • The customer and builder risk trades and Suppliers taking their services elsewhere, if not paid on time.

What Can C2C PRO Deliver? 🙌

  • Complete transparency from all engaged parties
  • A clear scope of work, documenting all tasks trades are to carry out.
  • A payment method that ensures the right people are paid the right amount, at the right time
  • Competitive pricing from tradespeople who want to work within the C2C PRO platform, knowing they will be paid promptly and securely
  • Wholesale prices for fixtures and fittings through the Shopping List Program, eliminating the need for suppliers to provide accounts for builders.

C2C PRO – A Win For Everyone 👏

It makes sense that all service providers are achieving a win for their effort and pride put into their work. Service providers such as designers, suppliers, and building trades, will work together to create a cohesive team, with the overall winner being you!

Whether you’re thinking about undertaking a renovation or a new home build in South East Queensland, discover how successful building all starts with C2C PRO by using our free project discovery program or contact us and we can connect you with a builder or designer using the C2C PRO software.

Meet the Team

The core strength of our Team is it brings direct family-based experience, of what are the issues facing similar family based businesses that make up 70% of the whole building industry. It is definitely not about dictating to the industry or homeowners and investors in what needs doing, as can happen from a larger impersonal business, but one of having and continuing to listen to the markets needs, from being there personally.

Head shot of Peter Woods

Peter Woods

Peter has over 40 years of experience in the Australian Building Industry. Starting his Canberra based family design & construction business in 1974, he moved onto large building project consultancy and project management.

Passionate about the need for better ways in builders delivering better outcomes for their customers, the process commenced with the support of large Federal and State Government Grants.

Working further with agencies such as the Australian Tax Office Fix-it Squad for the Building Industry, the better ways are now realised. 

Peter has formed a Board comprising Principals of companies skilled in bringing new technologies to market, including establishing a partnership with a leading national accounting firm. The testing of the C2C Digital Platforms – Your Building Planner Software in over $100m of projects with a core group of builders, designers, trades and suppliers, has brought the fully complying Your Building Planner to Market.

Paul Woods

Paul grew up in typical building industry, family-based business under his dad Peter. Becoming a carpenter and site supervisor in partnership outside the family business, with brother Ross, they quickly saw how tough it is to be a tradie in the industry and be paid, and how dysfunctional it is.

Deciding to come on board in the creation of the new business platform, the skills in knowing what format the software and procedures need to be in place to suit the smaller builder operations plays a key role continuing development of solutions.

Paul's role is also directly supporting construction managers and their customers ensuring our products really do address the needs of the industry and those working in it or having work done.

Ross Woods
Network Development

Working initially as an open license site supervisor and carpenter sub-contractor, Ross understands what the stresses are for the trades and suppliers who are usually the hidden participants in bringing a project to successful completion, and being paid on time.

He has the important role of engaging trades and suppliers, who we call the 80%ers (the people undertaking 80% of the project value) in how they too benefit directly in collaborating in the network under Your Building Planner, and he participates in the onward development of further software programs for this sector.

Kate Woods
General Manager

With a Bachelor of Science (Architecture) Kate brings skills from many years practising as a building designer and in understanding what homeowners seek from their project.

Kate also attained a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and with the experience of lecturing design students, is committed to  informing homeowners on how they can achieve better outcomes for their project.

She further undertakes the role of frontline connection to homeowners, ensuring we keep listening to what homeowners feel their stress points are, what they want from a project, and how we can keep building on great outcomes for all.

Kate ensures from her position of General Manager, that all the parties in software development and marketing meet the ultimate benefits for homeowners, something she is very dedicated to achieving.

Head shot Sarah Steenland

Sarah Steenland
Marketing Manager

Sarah heads up a team of marketing professionals, driving the messaging to the market both for homeowners and the builders wanting to have a "C2C Change." Knowing that behind most successful projects is the woman, having Sarah team up with Kate, brings the touch that it's not just bricks and mortar that creates a great job, but the personal touch and eye for detail that matters.

Sarah successfully developed in her own right, education programs for homeowners seeking a new home or renovation, and coming from being a qualified Interior Designer, knows exactly what the benefits are of a project delivered under partnerships of construction managers and Your Building Planner.

Michael Josefski
Program Developer and Manager

Michael, highly regarded in the IT sector, has been developing our software from the very onset with a skilled team in the background. He saw the standout benefits to the stressed building industry and that homeowners could also benefit from builders changing the way they operate. He believes so much that he invested in our company, and now oversees the software development, that we will continue to develop even from this successful base.