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Complete security of payment

for every building project


Security and trust for builders, their teams & project owners…

C2CPRO allows Project Owners to secure all their project funds so that Builders and their teams have great cash flow from concept to completion – while Project Owners no longer have to worry about how their budget is being spent.

Security of payment for all

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Secured cashflow
Lower asset and cash needs
Increased profits
Qualify projects fast
Gain trust in Project Owners
Gain a competitive edge

Project Owners

Save time and money
Security of knowing your money goes to the right person at the right time
Trades and suppliers prefer your project


Save time and money on redesigns
Efficient design through collaboration 
Expand income opportunities
Gain a competitive edge

Trades & Suppliers

Remove the stress and costs of builders' accounts
Secure your cash-flow
Expand your customer base without account carry
Paid directly from clients

I love C2CPRO for the peace of mind that I get. Every fortnight I'm getting paid and I know how much I'm getting paid. Do you find that in your business? Builders usually say, no we get what's left in the tin.

Sunbuilt Constructions

Andy Baxter shares his experience collaborating with a C2CPRO Powered Builder and how he achieved transparency, savings and security for his project. 

Project owner - Andy Baxter 

Before I found C2CPRO, I felt lost in my building business. I spent more time on paperwork than actually building. I had to make sure that the tradesmen were paid and that the project had enough money left over for me.

Marshall Renovations


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